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This service caters to the needs of overseas Indians with multiple properties across India, who are looking for a reliable and professionally managed entity to ensure the optimum use of their India asset base.

Based on the market scenario at the time, the investor's cash flow requirements and their risk - return profile, we could advise whether it is best to hold, sell or lease out a particular premises and / or assign a property manager on a monthly retainership, who can regularly look after, maintain and upkeep properties as required.

Thus we help NRIs realize full potential of their real estate investments in India, by providing a professional and reliable property management services.

Need for an Asset Management Service

There are over 30 Million Overseas Indians spread all over the world and their combined annual remittance to India exceeds $55 Billion annually. Out of the remittances made to India each year, nearly 15 - 25% may be going towards investments in Real Estate, which means NRI's may be investing close to $12 - 14 Billion in real estate each year.

Real Estate assets have witnessed an unprecedented growth over the past decade and each individual's current kitty of properties enjoys rich valuations and hence the need to have them well managed, secured and put to best use.

There seems to be a feeling of concern / mistrust among overseas Indians when taking property advise from acquaintances in India, be it their relatives and/or estate agents / advisors.

There is a strong preference for dealing with a reputable third party organization which enjoys a stellar reputation and whose working is clear and transparent and incentives are aligned with incentives of investors.

Overseas Indians generally visit India once a year, and instead of having to scramble for time to take care of their various properties (flats / bungalows / buildings / offices / farm houses / lands, etc.) it would be good to just meet their property managers in office and get a complete report about their various properties and suggested action for each.

We wish to offer our services in an associate model whereby we will engage the actual service providers such as brokers, valuers, advocates, architects, contractors, etc. and be the sole point of contact for the client.

Having clients in the US, UAE and Caribbean Islands, and interacting with many overseas Indian, we have a real sense of the challenges faced by Non-Residents in their dealings in India.

Scope of Services

Primary scope of services as an Asset Manager will be :

  1. Property Inventory : As a staring point, generate list of all properties of client in India with details such as Purchase date, Agreement value, Market Value, Vacant / Rented
  2. Plan of Action : From the list of properties, jointly select the type of service for each property - For example, property A will be visited each month, Property B requires repair work, Property C to be visited annually, etc
  3. Annual Status Report : Once a year, create and send a report regarding status of all properties and our recommended course of action for each property. For example, we recommend property A should be leased out as it will fetch XX% returns, property B should be sold as it's value has matured, etc
  4. Independent evaluation : In case a client is looking to purchase an asset and is evaluating the opportunity, we will give our independent opinion regarding the same. For example, we may say that the said property seems too expensive considering current scenario, or we feel it is not the right option considering the reason for which it is being purchased
  5. Group - buying Opportunities : We will send mails about investment opportunities that come to our own attention and then create a group-buying initiative for worth - while deals to get the best price from developers

Supplementary Scope of Services as an Asset Manager will be :

  1. Sale / Purchase / Leasing : We will have a host of good brokers on our panel, who will help in concluding transactions for our clients at very competitive rates and keeping client's best interest in mind so they can keep getting repeat business from us
  2. Taxation and Filing of Tax Returns : Any sale / purchase / lease transactions involve dealing with tax authorities and other agencies such as RBI, etc. Promoters of the company being Chartered Accountants can help clients deal with most taxation issues, filing of returns of income and also advising on most tax efficient means to concluding the transactions. We can also support in repatriation of funds by providing CA certificate required to be filed with Assessing Officer and Bank
  3. Negotiations : At times, NRI's realise after conclusion of their transactions, that their builder or broker has made them sell cheaply or buy expensively since they may have been overseas or they may not be knowledgeable enough about the market. To avoid such situations, clients can engage the company's services so that their best interests are protected and the company can negotiate the best deal possible on their behalf and give their recommendation
  4. Legal Advisory : It is highly recommended to do thorough legal verification (incl. title search) while purchasing expensive properties (land, under construction flats/offices, etc.), to ensure that there may not arise any legal challenge to one's right to ownership in future. The company will engage in - house lawyers who will do the first round of legal verification/advisory and as required recommend to experts on our panel for litigation work or for more complicated matters
  5. Property Documentation : We can help with drafting of purchase / sales / lease agreements and also give our opinion on documents already prepared by client's lawyers. At the same time we can also interact with advocates / solicitors of the other party to the transaction and respond to all their queries on behalf of the client
  6. Development and Interior Decoration : At a later date -- We will create a panel of architects and interior decorators from which owners of properties can select based on their creative ability and charges. In addition to helping suggest the right fit for each client, we can manage the development/interior process ensuring that materials being charged for are actually used and clients are not overcharged for the materials or services of the service - provider
  7. Property Management : In future, we will aim to provide the best solutions for all types of property management and maintenance needs, which will take care of upkeep as well as improve the long-term value of the property

Our single point - of - contact Property Management service will include :

  1. Routine Inspections and Performance Appraisals
  2. Legal assistance (with tenants, contractors, insurance agencies etc.)
  3. Incident Management / Reporting
  4. Bill Payments / Rent Collection
  5. AV and Technical Support
  6. Planned Maintenance Program

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