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Our Real Estate practice is specifically focused on management of HNI funds for Real Estate Joint Ventures, Land bank development / management and Early Stage project investments. We work towards creating focused investor clubs across geographies, where a set of investors, with common objectives and investment philosophy, join together to participate in a project/s we identify for them.

A newer venture for our organization is creation of a Real Estate Asset Management entity to manage and advise on optimum utilization of client's real estate assets in India.

Joint Ventures

Since inception, our Real Estate division has focused on initiating Joint Ventures with collaborator developers to execute large projects. We aim to do this by leveraging our own capital resources along with investment capital provided by institutional and investor partners.

Many of our investments are capitalized with proprietary capital of the Group. However, depending on the project's size and profile, we will also invite other high net worth investors to participate alongside us. Investments of this nature are generally in early stage of development of the proposal, have variability in their planning and take on some element of risk due to longer term holding periods.

The rationale behind these is to pursue more opportunistic investments than those pursued with more traditional sources of funding. We also feel that it is easier to push the envelope of innovation when we fully control strategy and execution (which is our aim in most projects), and we recognize that certain segment of investors may feel more comfortable with traditional schemes which have a fully defined scope, budget, and set of plans.

Our approach when selecting projects and investor partners is to analyze whether the particular project profile and our execution plan are aligned to deliver a predictable performance path towards cash flow and appreciation, meeting expectations from both ends of the deal. When partnering with investors, we leverage both our core competencies and those of our strategic partners, local developers, property managers, brokerage houses, etc. to ensure that our clients benefit from the best we have to offer.

In a very short time, we have established the credibility and knowledge to deliver creative and timely solutions tailored to the needs of our partners. We bring to bear a disciplined investment and project management approach to our joint ventures. Our goal is to service a small group of partnerships, and to continue building strong, trust-based, and loyal business relationships with our chosen partners.

Early Stage Investment In Residential / Commercial Projects

We have noticed that certain segment of investors don't prefer taking on the strain of participating in Joint Ventures. Their preference is to bulk invest in projects where established developers have secured land, development rights and municipality permissions and have either commenced construction operations or are very close to it.

The benefit for investors is that they get the pricing benefit of bulk purchase of units and an assured return % from developers, such that the developer would buy back the units at purchase price + x% per annum assured returns, after x period of time, in case the investors do not want to retain their units.

The deal also benefits developers, since they get a good chunk of funds early on in the project which takes off the pressure of self fund raising or having to sell early at lower rates to end users.

To enable us and our investor partners to benefit from such early-stage deals, we have associated with very reputed developers in the Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Thane, Pune and Ahmadabad regions currently, and are working on growing our network further. We also prefer to form a larger group of like-minded partners and jointly invest in projects such that limited set of funds of each individual partner gets diversified into various types of properties and regions.

The types of properties we propose to invest in are:

  • Residential (multi - family rental apartment properties, mixed - use urban properties)
  • Logistics (warehouse space, distribution centers)
  • Retail (neighborhood shopping centers, malls and stand alone retail sites)
  • Office (urban office buildings, multi - story suburban style office campuses)
  • Hospitality (urban full service hotels and upscale limited service hotels)

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